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His Story

Now SESSION FIVE has done its first steps, i.e. chopping, juggling, flipping styling and posting (I have to admit it wasn`t always easy to enjoy the mixs ;) and continiously posting and re-editing the results since 2006, I guess there is a short history.

SESSION FIVE originated from a musical background of pit-proven HC-Mosher-Kids! It was an urban youth-scene hanging around in youth clubs in the centre of germany, trying to play their instruments like their idols, i.e. Verbal Assault, Minor Threat and other HC-bands.

One day the idea came up to do a little HipHop (Crossover was a new brand name): it sounded like BOLLOCKS!
One of the most interesting things about hiphop is, how Clarance Boddyker, Rapper from the Bronx, NYC, puts it, that it was born in the Bronx, but belongs to the whole world today.
Members of SESSION FIVE felt pretty the same way, when they tried go back to the roots themselves to get the grammar (jazz, rocksteady, ska, soul, hiphop..)

THX to a lot of great people around the world, that were encouraging SESSION FIVE a lot of times to keep it up, SESSION FIVE published its first Mixtape on December, 20th.. 4 FREE!
.. to be continued..